Transport of biological material

WFD company engages in transport of pharmaceutical and bilogical materials since 2006. We can offer to our customers aged experiences in this domain, consultancy and cooperation with verified foreign partners.


  • Transport of the shipments into/from the whole world
  • Arranging of transports with requested temperature mode, including temperature monitoring
  • Transport of non/infectious materials
  • Nonstop service 24/7
  • Import/export
  • Same day delivery within EU
  • Trained courriers with the appropriate equipment
  • Arranging of packaging materials for the frozen and ambient samples
  • Arranging of the dry ice according the customers request
  • Pick-up/delivery in the specific time
  • Consultancy and arranging of an individual attitude for the each shipment
  • Quick price offer
  • Arranging of requested paperwork and communication


Our company has the rich experineces with the shipment transport within both EU

and whole world. In case of your interest, we gladly advise you the customers references.



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